Product Sections

All our stock is old, original, in excellent order and ready for use. We carry no modern or reproductions. We welcome your telephone calls +44 (0)1488 682317 or by email to for further information on any of the catalogue items or your other requirements or if you have any difficulties ordering through our system.

Our extensive stock is mainly refurbished by our own workshops and sold ready for use. We are also pleased to quote for restoration work on customer's own items.

Agricultural Bygones Agricultural Bygones
Also see our 'Gardening' section.
Architectural Architectural
Also see our 'Chimney Pots', 'Gardening' and "Stone Sinks and Troughs" sections.
Bells Bells
Also see our 'Bell Pulls and Intercom Bells' section.
Commemorative Commemorative
Also see our 'Equine, Horse Brasses, Stable Fittings, etc.' section.
Door Locks & Latches Door Locks & Latches
Also see our 'Keys & Padlocks' section.
Enamel Signs Enamel Signs
Also see our 'Advertising Material' section.
Furniture Handles and Fittings Furniture Handles and Fittings
Also see our 'Ironmongery' and 'Bolts' sections.
Gardening Gardening
Also see our 'Agricultural Bygones', 'Architectural', 'Chimney Pots' and "Stone Sinks and Troughs" sections.
Jugs Jugs
Lamp Shades Lamp Shades
Also see our 'Lighting' section.
Lighting Lighting
Also see our 'Lamp Shades', 'Oil Lamps' and 'Candlesticks & Candle Lighting' sections.
Name Plates, House Numbers & Other Plaques Name Plates, House Numbers & Other Plaques
Also see safeplates in our 'Safes & Strongboxes' section.
Oil Lamps Oil Lamps
Also see our 'Lighting' section.
Pub & Drinking Pub & Drinking
Also see our 'Corkscrews' section.
Taxidermy & Natural History Taxidermy & Natural History
Also see our 'Traps' section.
Weights Weights
Also see our 'Scales' section.