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All our stock is old, original, in excellent order and ready for use. We carry no modern or reproductions. We welcome your telephone calls +44 (0)1488 682317 or by email to for further information on any of the catalogue items or your other requirements or if you have any difficulties ordering through our system.

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'D' Shaped Stone Sink SS71
'D' Shaped Stone Sink SS71
Original, quality 18th or early 19th century 'D' shaped and deep, stone sink, originally for under the water pump outside the kitchen door. This super example, with no cracks or damage, has a dainage hole to the floor near the front and is ideal for back under a pump or planted up as a feature. Exterior 24" wide and 20" front to back and 10" tall. Interior 20" wide and 16" front to back and 8" deep. 
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Price: 400.00

Large Stone Trough SS41
Original, quality, early 19th century or older heavy granite trough, originally an animal feed or water trough. This example has very thick walls and floor, some shape to one end and some moss and lichen to the sides. Ideal for a water feature. Two blocks of similar granite are included for low stands if required. Complete and in good order. Exterior 43" x 19" and 12" tall, internal floor 31" x 9" and 5.5" deep.  
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Price: 250.00

Large Stone Trough   SS41

Staddle Stone, several usually available    SST1
Staddle Stone, several usually available SST1
Original quality, 19th century or older, two piece staddle stone in Bath stone. A good selection is normally available in stock, nicely coloured and weathered and most with lichen and mosses to the top and some sides. These two piece stones were originally used to support timber built corn store buildings, to keep air circulating beneath and hence the damp out and the 'lid' would keep out rats and mice etc. These buildings would always have lift-off steps which were hooked up on the side wall when not in use, hence no access for vermin. The stones vary in size but generally are 26" to 30" tall, 18" to 22" wide cap, 16" to 20" wide at foot of base. Some have a square base and some rectangular, all tapering to the top. All are complete and in good order and separate pictures of particular stones can be forwarded if required. Price is for each two piece staddle stone. 
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Price: 275.00

Online Catalogue > Stone Sinks, Troughs & Staddle Stones

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